LFM Portfolio Company EduLink Acquired by Edvisor

Nov 2020 - Sydney, Australia

EduLink, an LFM portfolio company, that specialises in marketing and business automation has successfully been acquired by Vancouver based Edvisor Technologies Inc.

EduLink was founded with the stated mission of driving the international education sector forward through a best-in-class software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. The company provided leading software solutions for international education providers such as universities and colleges, as well as education agents responsible for placing students.

The company was founded by Raphael Arias and Daniel Dizon in 2017, and grew to become a disruptive force within the international education sector. With hundreds of customers globally, the marketing and business software-as-a-service solution received multiple merger and acquisition offers as it continued on a strong path to growth, even despite the recent headwinds of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daniel Dizon, Partner of LFM said: “The recent acquisition of EduLink is a great outcome for all shareholders as well as Raphael Arias who led the company’s strong growth especially in ANZ, Asia and South America. The acquisition will allow the company’s great technology to be seamlessly integrated into one of the most innovative players in the market in Edvisor. This outcome is also a testament to LFM’s ability to quickly add exponential value, particularly in the early incubation stages of the company by (a) raising capital (including winning the NSW Government innovation grant) (b) building strategic partnerships with key industry players and (c) advising on the company’s sales and marketing strategy. We are honoured to have been a part of this journey.“

Bill Farias, CEO of LFM commented: “The international education sector will continue to benefit from innovative advancements in business technology made possible by companies such as Edvisor and EduLink. The synergies between EduLink and Edvisor were very clear and will be positive for shareholders and customers alike. LFM looks forward supporting the transition period.“

LFM is a business advisory firm based in Sydney, specialising in helping entrepreneurs drive awareness, create value and raise capital.

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